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WP5: Socio-economic impact, dissemination, formation and industrial transfer

WP leaders: Karine Chevreul (PhD, F-CRIN) and Martine Gilard (MD, SFC president)


The ISCTR (International Society for Cardiovascular Translational Research), founded and chaired by Professor Nabil DIB, currently offers all members of our RHU network access to an online training program, including 80 conferences and an eBook.

ISCTR Logo 2015a 1

Price of the online program: $500 -> -30% for RHU STOP-AS members, i.e. $350 with the coupon code ROUEN2021 (Table of contents of the online training program)

Price of the eBook: $500 -> -30% for RHU STOP-AS members, i.e. $350 with the coupon code ROUEN2021 (EBook Table of Contents)

These programs are available on the ISCTR web site, Education section.