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WP1 - Management Committee

WP Leader: Hélène Eltchaninoff (MD, Rouen UH, U1096, Rouen)

This WP brings together all the committees involved in the administrative, financial and scientific management of RHU STOP-AS.

Organigramme EN

Management Committee

Professor Hélène Eltchaninoff, as Project Leader, is in charge of the RHU's scientific strategy. She chairs and leads the Institutional Committee and the Steering Committee.

Professor Vincent Richard is the Scientific Delegate of RHU STOP-AS. His role is to assist the project coordinator in all her missions.

Delphine Béziau-Gasnier is the General Delegate and the project coordinator. She is the main contact of the partners and the ANR on behalf of the project leader.

The Clinical Research and Innovation Department of Rouen University Hospital provides the administrative and financial coordination of the RHU. It acts under the direction of the Institutional Committee.

Decisions and scientific strategy bodies

The Institutional Committee meets annually. Its role is to make decisions concerning RHU’s life and to validate budgets and Steering Committee’s proposals. It is composed of the Management Committee’s members, a scientific representative of each partners and a legal representative of each of partners.

The Steering Committee meets quarterly. Its role is to define and follow the scientific strategy, to plan the animation of the scientific life and to help the emergence of new projects. It is composed of the Management Committee’s members and the leaders of each work package (WP).
Within each WP, regular meetings are organized to monitor the progress of the project (deliverables, achieved results and potential valorization).

Scientific evaluation commission

The international Scientific and technical Advisory Board (SAB) has a primordial role in the RHU STOP-AS project. It conducts a rigorous and independent scientific evaluation to develop the quality and relevance of the research carried out within the consortium. The SAB has 6 members and is chaired by Alain Cribier. It is made up of international scientists, renowned for their expertise in the field of aortic stenosis: Magnus Bäck, Catherine Otto, Maurice E. Sarano, Alec Vahanian and Jean-Louis Vanoverschelde. The role of this council is to examine the research projects of each team as well as the general scientific project, to advise the Steering Committee and to make recommendations for improvement. The SAB will meet twice during the project period (2017-2021).


Training managers ensure the optimization of the links between RHU activities and training at partner Universities. They offer training programs to be enrolled under the RHU.

The Advisers responsible for intellectual property matters will oversee obtaining necessary patents for any novel technologies derived from the results of the project. They will also be involved in coordinating publication of study results and arbitration, if necessary.